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Working with Weight

I’ve been in full time private practice as a therapist for over 15 years, and although I don’t specialise in one particular thing, I am drawn to working with weight management. My message to these clients has always been that we sort the head out first and the rest will follow. The problem with that is that it feels like we aren’t focusing on the specific weight issues at first, and it does require some patience on behalf of the client as they need to accept that the weight loss won’t necessarily start immediately. We are usually only talking about a few sessions, which means just a few weeks, but that can seem like an age when somebody wants to drop a couple of stones in time for the summer and we’re already in April! The benefit of my approach though, is that when it does start, it feels easy, and it’s far more likely to be permanent! The best results therefore always come from those clients that more readily accept this approach.

So what has this got to do with BWRT®? Quite simply, now that I have BWRT® in my toolbox, the ‘sorting the head out’ part happens more quickly than it used to, but it also provides tools that help with every aspect of weight management. Each client is different, and this is especially true when working with weight management. Because BWRT® is so incredibly versatile, this means that I can adapt my approach to suit the specific needs of the client. For example, the basic BWRT® Level 1 protocols can help with simple habits, cravings, stress related eating and many other emotional drivers. Level 2 can help where there is a Core Identity at play. The BWRT® Coaching program has its own special weight management module that is designed to steer therapist and client through all stages of working with weight. As an experienced practitioner I find that BWRT® has become my main therapy of choice when working in this, and many other fields.

To find out more about training to become a BWRT® Practitioner you can visit our website here. If you prefer you can give me a call on 0800 772 0585 (which comes straight through to me) and I will be pleased to help.

June Hale
BWRT Training East Anglia