Procrastination Buster


Procrastination Buster Course

The BWRT® Procrastination workshop will teach you how to work with clients who struggle with procrastination. It allows you to analyse the type procrastination, establish underlying drivers and then work accordingly to achive the best result for your client. 



This is a one-day course which provides an effective structured approach for working with procrastination.

Building on the work of Level 1 this protocol also looks at which of the three types of procrastination are relevant which will help you to direct the work more effectively. It also shows you to how to overcome the clients procrastination about the therapy itself, clearing the way for the main part of the work.

What does the course cover?

On the day you will learn how to:

  • How to discover and work with the clients procrastination type
  • How to offset “therapy procrastination”
  • How to avoid triggering more procrastination
  • New BWRT® Protocols

You will also receive detailed course notes and a detailed work plan.

How the course is structured

This workshop is mainly theory, with time for questions. We share slides on the live Zoom sessions to show visuals and highlight the main points. The entire workshop is recorded for later viewing.

Course Requirements

This training is available only to members of the Terence Watts BWRT Institute, which requires Level 1 Registered Practitioner status.

Course Dates

Date: 13th October 2024

Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm

Price: £299