Defusing Depression


BWRT® Defusing Depression Course

Level 1 or 2 will often bring great results when working with depression, but some clients need a more directed and specific approach. The BWRT® Defusing Depression Protocol dissects depression and explores the mechanisms that will tell you why it exists, and what needs to happen for it to be resolved. This course provides a structured plan and new BWRT® protocols that will reenergise the client, allowing them to regain a full life.


This is a one-day course which provides an effective structured approach for working with depression.

Building on the work of Level 1 this protocol also looks at the client’s ‘base drivers’ which help us to direct the work more effectively. It also allows us to work in a way that requires less effort from the client – an important factor as the depressed client can find it so difficult to maintain concentration and focus.

What does the course cover?

On the day you will learn how to:

  • How to define the Reptilian Personality Base Driver
  • How to personalise the protocols for individual clients based on that Driver
  • An effective way to dissolve secondary gain
  • Three new BWRT® Protocols
    • Easy Acceptance Protocol
    • Detach Protocol
    • Energiser Protocol
  • How the use of custom-made worksheets can keep the client focused between sessions
  • Client-centred and personalised delivery methods

You will have the benefit of working hands on in the classroom with an experienced tutor who is an advanced accredited practitioner and supervisor.

You will also receive detailed course notes, client worksheets, and a detailed Therapy Running Order.

How the course is structured

There is a mix of theory and practical work over the day, with live demonstrations of the protocols. We use a projector screen with slides to show visuals and highlight the main points of theory. The practical sessions are conducted in small breakout groups with the main tutor and classroom assistants supervising.

Course Requirements

This training is available only to members of the Terence Watts BWRT Institute, which requires Level 1 Registered Practitioner status.

Course Dates

DateBWRT Training in September: 8th September 2024

Time: 9:30 am – 5.30 pm

Price: £299