Abolishing Anxiety

The dedicated BWRT® Protocol For Free Floating Anxiety

BWRT® Abolishing Anxiety Course

Whilst Level 1 works extremely well with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Free Floating Anxiety is quite different, with symptoms that can often be more problematic than GAD. Here, the client simply has no specific triggers – they just feel anxious all the time and they have no idea why. The BWRT® Abolishing Anxiety Programme was designed specifically for working with Free Floating Anxiety and this in-depth programme provides a structured plan with more new BWRT® protocols.


This is a one-day course which provides an effective structured approach for working with Free Floating Anxiety.

Building on the work of Level 1, this course is designed to deal with all forms of anxiety that do not respond favourably to the ‘standard’ GAD process as taught in Level 1. It is particularly suited to the type of ‘free-floating’ anxiety where the client cannot identify specific triggers. This protocol follows a similar format to the Diffusing Depression course in that it also works with the client’s ‘base drivers’, but where Depression is a state of low excitation, anxiety is quite the reverse, with varying degrees of hyperactivity. The approach to therapy, therefore, is quite different.

What does the course cover?

On the day you will learn how to:

  • Define the Reptilian Personality Base Driver
  • Personalise the protocols for individual clients based on that Driver
  • Discover the presence of hidden agendas
  • Recognise whether the anxiety is ‘focused’ or ‘centralised’ – and tailor the therapy accordingly
  • Discover the possibility of hidden trauma from the past
  • Use the new BWRT® protocols
    • Anxiety Stop emergency protocol
    • Anxiety Acceptance protocol, for the client that does not want to relinquish an agenda
    • Focused Anxiety Protocol
    • Centralised Anxiety Protocol
  • Use a Level One protocol that has been specially modified to work with anxiety

You will have the benefit of working hands on in the classroom with an experienced tutor who is an advanced accredited practitioner and supervisor.

You will also receive detailed course notes, client worksheets, and a detailed Therapy Running Order.

How the course is structured

There is a mix of theory and practical work over the day, with live demonstrations of the protocols. We use a projector screen with slides to show visuals and highlight the main points of theory. The practical sessions are conducted in small breakout groups with the main tutor and classroom assistants supervising.

Course Requirements

This training is available only to members of the Terence Watts BWRT Institute, which requires Level 1 Registered Practitioner status.

Course Dates

DateNovember Image: 3rd November 2024

Time: 9:30 am – 5.30 pm

Price: £299