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A Brand New Advantage

About BWRT®

BWRT® – BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® is an immensely effective technique that can often dissolve mind-related problems far more quickly than with other therapies. It is a new model of psychology and psychopathology that fits with current thinking on neuroscience and is based on a scientific understanding of the way the brain functions. It is solution-focused and evidence-based, thus fulfilling the requirements of modern therapies. It is an entirely unique therapeutic intervention that embraces something infinitely deeper and yet more easily understandable than the concept of the ‘subconscious’.

BWRT® was developed by Terence Watts in 2011 and is now taught to a massive range of talking therapists worldwide – counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, hypnotherapists and psychiatrists to name but a few. If you work with clients presenting with any form of anxiety, then this therapy will be a fantastic addition to your practice. BWRT is fast, innovative, effective, and modern.

BWRT® is a new concept for working with negative and destructive thought patterns. It utilises what we call the cognitive gap – that bit where your brain needs to make a quick decision, but the conscious, rational, thinking part of your mind hasn’t caught up yet. A simple example of the cognitive gap is to think about when you instinctively try to catch something you’ve just dropped for instance. There is no conscious awareness of the beginning of that attempt – it’s already happening before you know it! The ‘cognitive gap’ is that moment between the brain responding to a stimulus and our conscious awareness of that response. What BWRT® does is get to the part of the brain that makes that decision before it is made. It works directly in that ‘cognitive gap’ before conscious awareness. So where other therapies seek to access the anxiety-triggering amygdala via conscious processes, BWRT® works from the other end of the scale – in the very early brain before the amygdala has even received the message! This means that lifelong problems can be resolved incredibly quickly, and permanently. Simple issues like specific fears, such as those of spiders or crane flies, escalators, lifts, driving, etc. can usually be resolved in a single session. When the problem is more profound, it can often be resolved in four to six sessions.

Find out more by downloading our BWRT – A Professional Guide here

Why you need BWRT® in your Practice

  • It is an innovative new concept of working with negative and destructive thought patterns
  • It can be used online via Skype, Zoom or similar media where it is every bit as effective as face-to-face sessions
  • It can be ‘content free’ meaning the client doesn’t have to tell the therapist about specific events of the past
  • It is based on the latest findings in neuroscience
  • It works differently from older therapies because it updates the brain stem before the amygdala gets involved
  • It can be perfectly controlled to turn safely off the auto-panic button when it is no longer needed
  • It works more rapidly than most other therapies and the change is usually permanent
  • Find out more about this “new kid on the block” of therapies here

Why Choose the Classroom Training

  • You can learn the technique in a shorter time-period (2 days instead of 10 weeks)
  • There is a mix of theory and practical work over the weekend
  • You will see live demonstrations of the main protocols delivered by a professional BWRT® Practitioner
  • The practical sessions are conducted in small breakout groups with the main tutor and classroom assistants supervising
  • You have direct interaction with the trainer and other students
  • You will gain Increased confidence in the technique from the supervised practical experience
  • You will receive a complete printed manual of all course notes and techniques
  • Our structured training makes use of a projector screen with slides to show visuals and highlight the main points of theory
  • Your trainer has been personally selected by Terence Watts, the creator of BWRT®

Who We Are

BWRT® Training East Anglia is owned and run by June Hale. She is a highly experienced practitioner and trainer, offering classroom-based courses in the East of England which are currently based in Brandon, Suffolk and Cambridge. She teaches BWRT® levels 1 and 2, Diffusing Depression and Abolishing Anxiety.

June Hale

BWRT® Mentor June has been in full time practice since 2007, and has trained with Terence Watts, the creator of BWRT, since the beginning. Constantly learning, she also teaches other psychotherapeutic methods and has been running her own training schools since 2008, initially in Brighton and Croydon, and now in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridge. June is also a BWRT® Mentor, offering support to other trainees, and clinical supervisor offering professional supervision to qualified BWRT® Practitioners. You can find out more about her other training at EICH Norfolk here: www.eichnorfolk.co.uk