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BWRT® unlike anything else you will have studied
​It’s fresh and not a ‘rehash’ of any other talking therapy

​There is no other therapy in the world that is the same as BWRT®.

Please note we offer the ONLY training for BWRT Level 1 in the classroom anywhere in the UK.

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You can join us and receive thorough training in this totally modern methodology in our friendly classroom environments.

Our next Level 1 course is in Norfolk on 27/28 April 2019

Approved BWRT Trainer

Here you will be taught to be completely conversant with the techniques needed to work effectively with a great number of human problems and difficulties. BWRT® is an amazingly fast and complete tool with many practitioners already helping people with a wide array of problems, it is proving to be highly effective where any degree of psychological work is necessary.

A brand new advantage

A brand new advantage

​Brain Working Recursive Therapy® is an innovative new concept. Completely unlike anything that has gone before it.

Offering a new view of the subconscious mind – one that is extremely ‘user friendly’ and easy for the client to understand. – Great for therapist and client alike. A wonderfully elegant way of providing psychotherapy that gets easily beneath the Conscious Critical Faculty and provides often breath-taking results.

Who can attend?

Who can attend?

Level 1 – General Psychopathology
BWRT® Level 1 Training is open to all Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Medical Doctors and Registered Counsellors.

Level 2 – Psychology of Identity and Behaviour
BWRT® Level 2 Training is currently open to all the above who have also completed BWRT Level 1.

Friendly relaxed training

Friendly relaxed training

​We believe you will find it’s a real advantage to learn in a friendly classroom environment, where experienced female trainers have joined forces to offer professional and thorough training in the South and East of England, Kent and Norfolk.

​Our trainers are not only experienced in the classroom, having run courses throughout the South East, but also busy working therapists too.​

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