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I always knew this as Hypochondria, my doctor called it Hypochondriasis, and the DSM-5 now calls it either Illness Anxiety Disorder or Somatic Symptom Disorder. Whatever you call it, if you suffer from it, it can be debilitating, frustrating, embarrassing, and just downright scary. You live in a world where you are constantly convinced that you have something seriously wrong with you, but nobody believes you. There are often frequent trips to the doctor, but no amount of tests or reassurance can convince you that there is actually nothing physically wrong. That you are actually healthy. You might believe it for a short while, but then you discover a new patch of scaly skin, or a mole you don’t remember seeing before, or your throat is sore again, or what’s that bony lump on my foot, I haven’t noticed that before. Whatever it is that you notice, you’re sure that there must be some reason for that. The doctors just haven’t found out the reason, yet. For some people there is a conscious recognition that they are well, but it doesn’t stop the constant checking, or the fear that if they ignore a symptom, this time it might be real. It’s exhausting!

If you are a therapist practicing any of the talking therapies, it can also be tricky to work with. CBT or antidepressant medications still tend to be the recommended treatment, but a growing number of BWRT® practitioners are finding that a specific application of BWRT® is achieving some impressive results. With an understanding of the different types of Health Anxiety and armed with one of the standard applications of BWRT® that is taught during the Level 1 training, we are finding that just a few sessions can result in much improvement for the sufferer. Often with little or no recidivism.

BWRT® was created by Terence Watts, MCGI in 2011, and is now taught to and used by therapists worldwide. The specific application for working with Illness Anxiety Disorder was developed by Sumedha Bhise, MIBWRT(Adv).

To find out more about training to become a BWRT® Practitioner you can visit our website here: here. If you prefer you can give me a call on 0800 772 0585 (which comes straight through to me) and I will be pleased to help.

June Hale
BWRT Training East Anglia