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Written By June Hale

New BWRT® Courses for Depression and Anxiety

I am pleased to announce that our new BWRT® website is now live, and this year we will also be able offer new courses in working with depression and anxiety. We have given the website a complete overhaul and added plenty of pictures of past workshops and courses, plus a new logo, and the 2 new course offerings. Huge thanks to Amanda Parsons of Talk to Phoenix for her advice, patience and excellent design work.

I can hardly believe that this year will be my 7th year as a BWRT® Trainer. Putting the new website together meant indulging in the pleasure of looking back through old photographs and the picture above is from 2016 when we trained the first group of level 1 practitioners ever to train in the classroom. There’s me in the middle at the back – the tall one! Up until then the only way to train was online. That is still an option today, but it doesn’t suit everyone, and I am immensely proud to have been one of the first in the UK to be selected to offer this training in the classroom.

BWRT® continues to go from strength to strength, with courses running in classrooms all around the globe and online. Our own courses run in Cambridge, UK, which we feel is a good central location for UK therapists, with excellent transport links from London and the North of England. We managed to run one course last year in between the lockdowns and various other restrictions and are looking forward to running more in 2022.

If you’re a practicing therapist but brand new to BWRT®, then you have a real treat in store as this relatively new therapy has the potential to transform your practice. The Level 1 course is the place for you start and will enable you to work more effectively and efficiently with many problems. The next Level 1 course will run over the weekend of 25/26 June.

This year, as well as the flagship Level 1 and Level 2 courses, we will be running Diffusing Depression on 7th May, and Abolishing Anxiety on 1st October. These are a great addition to our curriculum, providing extra skills and knowledge which I and many other therapists have benefited from, not to mention our clients!

We run all of our courses at the Cambridge Belfry, and we keep you fed and watered with refreshments and lunch provided on all days.

You can find an overview of all of our courses here or if you prefer the personal touch just give me a call on 0800 772 0585 (which comes straight through to me) and I will be pleased to help.

I hope our courses will be of interest to you and that we will meet soon.

June Hale
BWRT Training East Anglia