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​Level 2 – Psychology of Identity and Behaviour
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Please note we offer the ONLY training for BWRT Level 1 in the classroom anywhere in the UK.

Seeing great results with BWRT® Level 1? Come and join us for Level 2.

BWRT® Level 2 Training

After completing your BWRT Level 1 training you can join us and learn all about working with BWRT® Level 2.

BWRT Level 2 covers the Psychology of Identity and Behaviour – working with the core identity aspects of self-identification and associated behaviour – gambling, dependencies, addictions, obsessions, eating disorders, etc.

As with BWRT Level 1 this is a classroom based training in a highly professional yet relaxed and friendly environment.

Training in BWRT® Level 2

Learn how to deal with the ‘core identity’ of the client who is looking for change.
Working with some of the more ‘stubborn’ conditions which can often confound most other therapies.

  • Alcoholism
  • OCD
  • Gambling
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Binge eating and drinking
  • Addictions
  • Sexual Obsession/ Addiction,  Fetishism, Porn Addiction, Masturbation fixation
  • Bullying (work, relationship, school)
  • Substance abuse.

And much more.

  • You will receive thorough instruction in the use of the in depth questioning of your client that can enable you to get to the crux of the matter easily.
  • A training that provides a higher level of understanding for the practitioner and minimises the likelihood of a substitute behaviour in the client later on.
This 2 day course costs just £499. Fees include all lessons, notes, and final assessment of your case study.

2019 Dates

Next Level 2 courses


Norfolk: 16th/17th February 2019


Kent: 25th/26th May 2019


Weekend courses run from 10:00am – 17:30 on both days. 


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